For quite some time now I have been thinking about doing a blog.

Starting it has been the biggest hurdle. I guess I’m scared of sharing so much. Which is a bit strange given I love sharing stories, travel tips, recipes, anything… in person buuuuttt to hell with being scared.

Here goes!



I believe that there has to be more to life than just working. I reeeally enjoy my job and the people I do it with, but for me, there has got to be more than eat, sleep, commute, work, repeat. There’s got to be something I do for me. 

 Part of my resolution-thinking, mind-wandering thoughts for 2017 were that I wanted to get better at a few things. I wanted to get better at writing. I wanted to get better at photography. I wanted to cook more. Travel more. Live more, do more, see more. Mostly, be better at more.



And that’s where this blog comes in.



I plan to fill this blog with all my doing, being, creating, seeing.


It might sound silly but in 50 years time I want to look back at what my hobbies were, what I learnt and what I loved.

I am definitely not a pro traveller, nor am I an exquisite chef or world class photographer. I am simply trying to get better at a few of the things I love whilst sharing it along the way… welcome along!